Tags: Apple macOS

All our software should be working fine with Big Sur and Monterey. There could be some incompatibility issues with older version, so we recommend using a recent version. Make sure to check this article to know which version to use.

Tags: Apple macOS

Most of our applications should work fine with macOS 10.15 Catalina. Indeed we started a long time ago to move all our code to 64bit, and we continuously make sure that our code is kept up to date. Currently only MovieRecorder and M|Replay have to be updated to be fully compatible with macOS Catalina.

We are working on MovieRecorder 4.3 and M|Replay 2.1 and release versions should be available soon. If you are interested to test a beta version, let us know, but in the meantime, if you are using MovieRecorder or M|Replay, you should not update to Catalina.

Also, for users of our M|Family, you will have to update your drivers to the latest version (6.13). Previous versions of the drivers are not compatible with macOS Catalina.

In the past few months, we ran a lot of tests on Catalina. But if you encounter any issue after updating to Catalina, please let us know.

And as usual, for production computers, remember the good old "When it works, don't fix it", and if you need to upgrade, make sure to do a backup of your system before so you can maybe revert back if need be. Ideally run tests on another computer using our free demo versions, that's one of the reason why we provide them.