New hardware bundles at IBC 2019
Sep 12

At IBC 2019, Softron has announced new hardware bundles which have now been divided into the S|Family (software-only) and the M|Family (software + hardware). All the S|Family bundles contain a dongle (non-splittable) and include shipping.

The M|Family bundles all contain a single card type: the Deltacast 12G/2C which can either input or output 2 channels in 6G/12G or 8 channels in 3G. So all connectors are reversible and can be used as an input or output. There is also an LTC or Genlock input. It can be used as LTC for ingest applications and as Genlock for professional playback.

The bundles do contain 9 adapters from Mini BNC to regular BNC (these are different adapters from the current ones).

For users who have purchased a S|XX bundle or already have existing licenses, it is possible to buy only the Deltacast card and the 9 Mini BNC adapters as part number 3.AMHW.

A new bundle has also been introduced in both software-only version (S|80R) and with the PCI card (M|80Ri/e). It contains both 8 licenses of M|Replay and MovieRecorder on the same dongle. It is recommended in applications where the same hardware setup should be used for instant replay or ingest.

All models are available for purchase now.