MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder Express - Version 4.4
May 06

Important information

  • About the Universal version of MovieRecorder and Apple Silicon computers:
    • Some of the encoders that we were using with intel computers are not yet available for the Universal version. Some will not be ported (as DV, DVCPro, DVCPRO HD which are legacy codecs), others will come at a later time. Check the list of supported codecs in the specifications on the MovieRecorder page.
    • M|Family:Download the Deltacast Universal drivers from our website.
    • ProRes Accelerators with M1 Pro, Max and Ultra are not compatible with interlaced sources. When using interlaced sources, the CPU will be used. We have reported the issue to Apple, and hope for a fix soon.
  • Important changes:
    • We have removed the preference "Single view" when controlling MovieRecorder from a web page. We changed the logic a little bit; instead of doing a preference, it’s just a different page to type in the browser. You should now use this url to access the single page view:

Release Notes for MovieRecorder Express and MovieRecorder

  • Native support of Apple Silicon computers. Applications are now universal.
  • Added support for HDR and Wide Gamut Rec. 2020 capture (currently only with Blackmagic-Design devices, and only with QuickTime destinations)
  • Added the ability to create a new clip when TC break is detected (only with QuickTime None or Segmented destinations; and the TC source must match the fps of the video source).
  • Updated NDI SDK to version 5.0.10 for full compatibility of NDI with Apple Silicon computers.
  • When receiving a SCTE trigger, we now log it. Making it a nice signal analyzer.
  • Added the ability to control a Blackmagic-Design Videohub or Ross video router using AppleScripts . Read more...
  • AppleScripts now send the source name as a parameter. Useful to do tests for example for notifications, or have a different behaviour depending on the source name.
  • Added the ability to trigger an AppleScript when recording starts or stops per scheduled recording (previously only on destinations).
  • Added notifications when a "Critical Error" would happen.
  • Added support of bundled licenses (one serial can contain the license for multiple channels)
  • Added the ability to disable the capture of VANC (and CC) on a per source base. Previously you could decide not to write a CC track in the file, but the VANC were always interpreted from the source, which could lead to issues in some very specific cases (when the signal providing the signal would enter wrong VANC or VBI data for example).
  • Updated to latest versions of the Deltacast and AJA SDK.
  • Deltacast: Added support for the pdf formats
  • Crash happening when doing remote control with Catalina. Read more...
  • Issue with fps of Classic QuickTime movie files when using an effect to change the fps from 50 to 25 or 60 to 30.
  • Some audio drops could happen when using Blackmagic-Design devices
  • Possible crash when recording a QuickTime Segmented or None to an Avid NEXIS storage.
  • When doing auto-split, only the first recorded file would have the correct DF/NDF flag. All subsequent recordings would have the non drop frame flag even if using drop frame.
  • Auto split with encoders that can produce an I-frame whenever needed. The durations will match one another. Note that some codecs may still have different split times depending on the GOP structure.
  • When doing auto-split with AAC audio, there could be one sample of audio missing at the beginning
  • Possible issue when creating new file after an auto-split
  • REST API issue to update scheduled recordings
  • Issues when using Streaming Destinations on Apple Silicon computers
  • QuickTime > Classic destinations: ProRes Encoder on Apple M1 Pro and Max processors: maxFrameSize could be wrong.
  • Scheduled recordings: Fixed issues when stopping scheduled recordings.
  • An issue with some keyboard shortcuts with MovieRecorder Express.

Release notes for MovieRecorder only

  • Now allowing to enter commas in metadata text fields
  • Added support for DNxHR (currently Intel only)
  • Issue with some signals providing more VANCs than just CC. Recording may have stopped in specific cases.
  • Schedule issue for spring DST (on the Sunday of the change, scheduled recordings between 23PM and midnight would not be triggered)
  • Crash when writing some sidecar metadata files with MXF destinations
  • Some warnings when encoding to XDCAM (but had no impact on encoding, just excessive logging)
  • Some possible duplicated frames at the end of XDCAM recordings.
  • Some display issues for CC in Viewers.
  • AppleScripts Actions were not triggered at the end of the recording if done with a schedule, or timer
  • AppleScripts Actions could not retrieve the recording name of a schedule