M|Replay - Version 2.2
Apr 10

Release Notes

  • The maximum session duration is now 25h (was 9h).
  • Loop Recording to allow for continuous recording (ideal for time delay). Read more about this new feature here.
  • Added the ability to select the number of audio channels recorded (Could create issues in Final Cut Pro when using video files with more than 8 audio channels)
  • Added the ability to set the color space
  • SKAARHOJ "Time Spin" (XC8): Added compatibility to "Blue Pill" models. Warning: Starting with version 2.2 of M|Replay, the SKAARHOJ devices needs to be in "server" mode in order to be supported.
  • Added support of bundled licenses (one serial can contain the license for multiple channels)
  • Added the ability to control playback rate using the REST API: GET /playbackrate?rate=0 (0=stopped, 1= play forward, -1= play backwards, etc...)
  • Universal application for better performances on Apple M1 Silicon computers. 
  • Updated AJA (v17), Blackmagic-Design (v12.7) and Deltacast (v6.20).
  • Now logging the REST API calls in a separate file.
  • When using UHD or 4K, session configuration now remembers if it's single link, quad link, etc...
  • Issues with Deltacast configuration in UHD and 4K
  • SKAARHOJ XC8: Some buttons did not lit up immediately
  • The Audio VU meters display settings could be ignored when creating a new session
  • Some performances issues that could cause AV drops during playback


  • SKAARHOJ "Time Spin" (XC8) Controler: As SKAARHOJ now ships the new "Blue Pill" model of the "Time Spin", we had to change the way M|Replay connects to the "Time Spin". If you own an older model of the "Time Spin", you should enable "Server Mode" in Device Core Options, and then set the IP address of your "Time Spin" in M|Replay in "Settings > Controls".
  • Creating the header for a 25hours file can take some time. The session will work immediately, but the send to Final Cut Pro or reading the files directly won't work until the header is created.
  • There is a bug in QuickTime X and Final Cut Pro with files longer than 12 hours. Even though we record audio in the file, and it plays fine in M|Replay, but it will play without audio in Final Cut Pro and QuickTime. Note that if you export a shorter duration from M|Replay, you'll be able to access to it, but exporting or sending to Final Cut Pro won't work for sessions longer than 12 hours.

Known issues

Interlacing issues There is an issue with the code that we used previously to deinterlace the outputs signal (not the preview)
The issue happens:

  • on Apple Silicon computers, with both the intel and universal versions.
  • on Intel computers, the issue is there only with the universal version. So if you are using interlaced formats, only an intel computer with the intel version of M|Replay will deinterlace. With the universal version, and on M1 computers with the intel version as well. We will restore deinterlacing, but if you are using an intel Mac, prefer to download the intel version.
We will fix this in future versions, but until done, if you use interlaced format, and do a pause, you will see either two frames simultaneously, or half of the image. Also, slow motion quality will not be as good as previous version. Note that the issue can not be seen in the preview, and there is no issue in the recorded files, the issue is there "only" in the output.