MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder Express - Version 4.5.9
Apr 12

Release Notes for MovieRecorder and MovieRecorder Express

  • Sources: Added the ability to choose the number of audio channels retrieved from the AJA, Blackmagic-Design or Deltacast card (Currently only available for Video Device Audio, not for external audio)
  • NDI: Updated NDI SDK to 5.6.0 - r135583 (NDI 6 is available in MovieRecorder pre-release 4.6)
  • Logs: Optimised performances when displaying a large number of logs in the Activity & Logs window
  • AJA: Updated AJA SDK to v17.0
  • AJA: Added support for AJA Kona X
  • Softron Streaming Pack: Issue when doing streams longer than, 12 hours, there could be a short interrupt of the signal every 12 hours.
  • Custom Naming: When using the timecode token in a custom naming, if it was a DF TC, the ";" was not replaced by a "-"
  • SD: Some possible preview issues when using SD sources. It would change from 4:3 to 16:9 very fast.
  • Scheduler Web UI: Fixed issues on Daylight Savings Time days: scheduled recordings could show with an offset of one hour.

Release Notes for MovieRecorder only

  • Logs: Added logging of more SCTE104 messages
  • Destinations: Added support for Apple ProRes in MXF destinations
  • Metadata: Potential crash when adding Metadata fields in "Settings > Metadata"; in macOS 12 and earlier
  • Growing Files: Growing MXF AVC-Intra files are now working with Adobe Premiere