AMSTERDAM, September 17, 2023 – Softron Media Services, a global leader in innovative broadcast and video production solutions, is proud to announce its remarkable achievement of being awarded the coveted 2023 OEM & Developer Award by Blackmagic Design at this year's International Broadcasting Convention (IBC). This recognition underscores Softron's unwavering commitment to excellence in developing cutting-edge software and hardware solutions that have significantly contributed to the advancement of the media and entertainment industry.

Blackmagic Design, a renowned industry leader in professional video and audio technology, presented the prestigious OEM & Developer Award to Softron Media Services in recognition of its outstanding contributions to the field. One notable milestone celebrated during this award ceremony was Softron's pioneering integration of the very first Blackmagic Design DeckLink video card back in 2001. This historic collaboration laid the foundation for a longstanding partnership between the two companies, exemplifying Softron's dedication to providing seamless integration of its products with Blackmagic Design's hardware. The award serves as a testament to Softron's enduring commitment to innovation, its customer-centric approach, and its continuous efforts to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of media production. Softron Media Services looks forward to continuing its collaborative efforts with Blackmagic Design to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower media professionals worldwide.

What's new at IBC 2023?

We have many announcements for IBC 2023. New software such as OnTheAir WebLink, AMP Server, or OnTheAir MOS Gateway. but also improvements such as High Frame Rate capture in M|Replay. And, of course, we'll be showing the Mac Pro M2 Ultra that can record up to 24 channels of 4K60p, or 6 channels of 8K60p. Check our IBC 2023 page to see what's new.

Today Apple announced the new Mac Pro with Apple silicon and highlighted the amazing power of Softron applications. 

The new Apple Silicon M2 Ultra in the Mac Pro offers a substantial power increase from previous models. Now it is possible to encode 24 channels of Ultra High Definition (4K 60fps), instantly making the Mac Pro and MovieRecorder the largest capture solution available. This will be a valuable solution to broadcasters with large multi-camera setups such as sports venues, concerts, and production studios. For video professionals wanting the highest definition possible, MovieRecorder on the new Mac Pro encodes six channels of 8K video.

Softron’s replay solution M|Replay also sees a significant power increase from this new machine, capturing eight channels of UHD and simultaneous playback of eight more UHD channels. Softron’s core principle -- ease-of-use -- makes M|Replay popular globally, notably for its instant replay function in sports adjudication. 

Since the Apple Silicon was first announced two and a half years ago, Softron has witnessed the great potential of these chips and expanded its possibilities. Thanks to the unified memory architecture, solutions such as Softron’s graphics engine OnTheAir CG can now output eight channels, opposed to the previous single channel. Softron's video playback solution, OnTheAir Video, can now output more than 8 UHD channels on a single Mac Pro. 

The new Mac Pro marks the final computer in Apple’s lineup to go to the new Apple Silicon, and Softron could not be happier to be part of this exciting announcement. 

Established in 1982, Softron offers applications for professional video workflow solutions exclusively on Mac and serves customers in film, commercial, broadcast, journalism, business, and houses of worship worldwide. 

We're always excited for NAB in Las Vegas - the lights, the food, the spectacle that is the Strip. What's not to love?
But mostly we look forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with the amazing people we've met in past years.
We're also happy to share new information on our products, or introducing our products to those who haven't yet discovered what we're all about.

Check our NAB 2023 page to learn what's new at NAB 2023

We are adapting the Euro prices to match the equivalent exchange rate of the US dollar. The new rate will be in effect on January 1st, 2023.

To preview what the prices in Euros will be, check our store and refer to the current prices in $US, or download our 2023 Pricelist.

Be sure to account for this change in pricing for projects budgeted for next year.

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What's new at IBC?

We hope we can see you at IBC this year, but in case you can not make it, make sure to check our IBC 2022 page to see what's new and what will be shown.

We started shipping the new GPICommander 3 USB box today. It looks identical to GPICommander 2, but it uses a new chip, and thus our software need to be updated. If you order one from now on, make sure that you use a software that is compatible with it. Read more...