Control your video router from your Mac

OnTheAir Switch can control many matrix video switchers through RS232 or Ethernet. The application is AppleScriptable, and has a REST API, allowing it to be controlled from any application (even applications from third parties). It can be used as a standalone application or integrated with OnTheAir Video, MovieRecorder or OnTheAir Node. Check the specifications page to see which router is supported.

Note that some of our applications can control selected routers directly, and you may not need OnTheAir Switch to control your router. OnTheAir Video and MovieRecorder can control Blackmagic-Design Videohub or Ross routers directly. While OnTheAir Node can control AJA Kumo, Blackmagic-Design Videohub or Ross routers.

Control many matrix video switchers through RS232

We can theoretically support any video router, but we need to implement the protocol for it of course. Before buying OnTheAir Switch, you can check the specifications page to check which Matrix Video Switcher is already supported and if yours is not in the list, simply contact us to ask if your Switcher can be supported and how to proceed.

Control Blackmagic-Design Videohub or AJA Kumo through Ethernet

Much easier than working with RS232, we can control some routers simply through your network. Check the specifications page to know which router is compatible.

AppleScript and REST API Integration

OnTheAir Switch can be controlled by AppleScript or a REST API, and thus third-party can easily integrate and use OnTheAir Switch to control video routers.


Make sure to test with our free DEMO version available for download before purchasing so you are sure it fits your need. In DEMO mode, the application will quit after 10 minutes. That's the only limitation and difference. After your test, you will keep on using the same application, just with the demo mode unlocked.

Main features
OnTheAir Switch
Control routers via RS232
Control routers via network
Integration & Control
Remotely Controllable using a REST API
Control from Elgato's Stream Deck
Controllable via AppleScript
macOS compatibility
Big Sur
High Sierra
El Capitan
M. Lion
2.7 or later
2.0 to 2.6       

Specs and Requirements
Recommended macOS macOS 10.14.6 or later*
Recommended RAM 2 GB
Additional Hardware required

USB to RS232 converter (only needed for the video routers controlled in RS232 - not needed for AJA KUMO and Blackmagic Videohub.

Other requirements Check the protocol used to control the router in the table below. If it is controlled through a RS232 or RS422 protocol, you will need a USB to RS232 (or RS422) converter. If the router is controlled through Ethernet (AJA KUMO and Blackmagic Design Videohub), you will only need your mac to be connected to the same Network as the router you want to control. It will show up in Bonjour.
RS422 port of Video card support No the RS422 port of the video cards is not configurable.
Recommended Mac All Mac should be supported.
Supported Video Routers and their required configuration
Router Brand Protocol Model Baud Rate Parity Bits Stop Bit Other Settings
AJA KUMO Ethernet All (automatic detection) Not Applicable
Blackmagic Design Videohub Ethernet All (automatic detection) Not Applicable
Evertz RS232 32 x 32 38.400 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Knox RS232 8 x 8 19.200 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Kramer 2000 RS232 8 x 2 9.600 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Kramer 2000 RS232 8 x 8 9.600 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Kramer RS232 8 x 2 1.200 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Leitch RS232 32 x 32 38.400 baud Even Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Panacea (Leitch ) RS232 All sizes (automatic detection) 19.200 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Sigma MRX RS232 32 x 32 38.400 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit xon-xoff flow control
Sony BRS-200 RS422 12 x 2 38.400 baud Odd Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Triton RS232 8 x 8 19.200 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Triton RS232 32 x 32 19.200 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
Triton RS232 64 x 64 19.200 baud No Parity 8 bits 1 stop bit  
About these specifications

We know that some of our users can not upgrade their macOS very often. This is why Softron tries to maintain compatibility with older versions of macOS as much as possible, but it is not always possible to achieve. Because Operating Systems are usually significantly improved over previous versions, Softron must use many of the more capable built-in functionalities inherent in Apple's latest OS releases. Failing to do so would mean that Softron software would essentially be blocked from using the new Frameworks provided in the OS. For this reason, Softron's free support is provided only on the current and previous macOS versions. Also, most of our tests will be done on these macOS versions, and only basic tests will be done on the previous OS. We will always try to help, but in some cases, the best solution is to upgrade your macOS to a more recent version.

Softron does not warrant that these recommended configurations will always meet specific user requirements. They are intended as guidelines and are based on extensive testing that Softron has done, they can be changed without notice. Hardware, drivers, software and operating systems change regularly and we advise users and prospective users to evaluate their requirements in their specific environment/workflow using Softron demo licenses that are available for downloading from Softron's web site.

OnTheAir Switch
Version 2.9.4 - 30 December 2021

Useful Resources

Installation instructions

Once downloaded, unzip the file, and drag and drop the Application in your Applications Folder.

DEMO Limitations

In DEMO mode, OnTheAir Switch will quit after 10 minutes.

Upgrade/Update instructions

Just download the latest version and replace your previous version. It is always recommended to run extensive tests with your specific workflow and setup before putting a new version in production. You can use a free demo version for that on a separate computer. Previous legacy versions are available from the general downloads page.

You do not need to deactivate and reactivate your serial number when updating your Softron software. Read the following article to know when to deactivate.

This software uses code of FFmpeg, licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.

Legacy versions
OnTheAir Switch 2.8.2
9 August 2019
OnTheAir Switch 2.7.1
3 November 2017
OnTheAir Switch 2.1b.1
30 May 2013