• Deltacast devices: Added support for Rec. 2020 Wide Gamut and HDR (HLG & PQ)
  • AV Presets: Added support for audio track languages
  • Streaming Destinations: Added compatibility with Streaming Center 1.3 presets with Facebook compatibility. Note that Streaming Cetner 1.3 is required for this version of MovieRecorder, so make sure to update it as well
  • Classic Destinations: Possible issue when recording is stopped where the header would not be written
  • Timecode Sources: Issues with TimecodeSystems UltraSync Blue
  • Viewers: Issues with the "selected" blue outline on viewers that were recording. Sometimes only the bleu "selected" outline was shown, but not the red "recording" status, which could lead to think that it was not recording.
WARNING: This version of Streaming Center requires MovieRecorder or MovieRecorder Express 4.5.2 or later.
  • Added Facebook presets.
  • IMPORTANT CHANGE to YouTube presets: Because of constant changes in the way to connect to YouTube, Streaming Center will not log in to these services anymore, but use a simple Stream Key. This ensures that service will keep on working, and you should not loose any functionality in Streaming Center. After the upgrade, you will have to edit your YouTube or Facebook presets to indicate the stream key. When creating your lives, make sure to create them with persistent keys so this will work right away.

Release Notes for MovieRecorder Express and MovieRecorder

  • AJA devices: Memory leak when receiving RP188 timecode with AJA sources
  • Viewers: When moving sources around, and preview refresh rate was different than "Every frame", a static frame could remain on the old location of the source in the Viewers
  • Viewers: Preview was not deinterlaced anymore since version 4.5
  • UI: Fixed minor alignments issues
  • NDI Sources: The "Variable frame rate" options was not always "clickable"
  • Quicktime Classic Destinations: When recording to ProRes to a Classic destination, on computers with hardware acceleration (M1 Max or Ultra for example), some encoded frames could be too large to be saved in the file. This change increases the datarate of some ProRes flavours and formats

Release notes for MovieRecorder only

We don't provide a "Intel" version anymore as we now support most codecs that were supported previously. Only the DV codecs will not be ported as the third-party library used will not be ported to Silicon.
  • Metadata: Issue when changing set
  • Added buttons for GPICommander 3 v.2.0
  • General performance and stability improvements
  • Added support for GPICommander 3 v2. More info...
  • General performance and stability improvements
  • General performance and stability improvements